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Empowering Youth through Cognitive and Experiential Education
With the aim to empower young people to develop a sense of responsibility and morality, GPYC-Nepal and GPA-Nepal jointly organized TWO DAYS YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR on the theme “Empowering Youth through constructive, creative, positive and innovative way.” The seminar was held at Krishna Bhog Party Palace, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu on April 1-2, 2013. Sixty SLC appeared students from 25 educational institutions participated in the seminar.    Global Peace Youth Corps-Nepal (GPYC-Nepal) is keen to empower and promote responsible young leaders.The seminar ignites student enthusiasm and clearly reveals that our community is still in great hands. The participants were impressed that they are also capable to accomplish innovative tasks and ready to live for the sake of others. In addition to attending lectures, students participated in a small group discussion that bolstered their leadership and group effort skills. Some of them have been
Leadership Seminar Shapes New Generation of Leaders
  A 3-Day leadership seminar designed to strengthen the role that young people play as future community and world leader was held on October 10 -12, 2012 under the theme “Empowering youth through creative, constructive and positive way.” From students of class 11 to bachelor level, all participants who attended the seminar learned about the importance of being moral leaders. “Prior to registration, I was hesitated to join the seminar.But then, the lectures, activities and trainings that I have learned have made me feel good and thankful without any regret at all because it taught us the true definition of a leader, “Ms. Biniri Maharjan, a participant and student of Mega college shared during their reflection time. In addition to learning to become moral leaders, the seminar also focused on developing leaders for innovation and change. The seminar framework includes presentations, discussions and
Bhaktapur's 'All lights Village ' Continues to Brighten
  Global Peace Youth Corps has always believed youth education to be of paramount importance for a nation to step forward. GPYC-Nepal supports GPFF-Korea and GPYC-Korea’s project - the ‘Alllights Village’ project, which is on its continuous task to facilitate lights to schools in rural areas. On Sunday, October 7, 2012, the GPYC team visited two educational institutions in Kharipati, Bhaktapur District and organized the Alllights village program. The first program was started at around 11:30 am and was held at Shree Krishna Higher Secondary School. The objectives of the program was briefly explained and followed by distribution of solar lanterns and eco-bags. Twenty solar lights were distributed to the poor but intelligent and talented students. Also, eco- bags were neatly arranged in a box along with copies and pencils and handed out to the students with weaker financial backgrounds. The children
Environmental Training Encourages Young People's Key Role in Environmental Protection and Management
 October 8, 2012 --------  Environment issues have become a driver of sustained activity around the country, be it in schools, workplaces and around the community. On Saturday, October 6, 2012, 1-Day training on environmental issues was held in Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan seminar hall,Pokhara. The training was attended by 70 participants mostly are youth from colleges and environmental group. Awareness is an important means to sensitized understanding to environmental issues and challenges. In this respect, GPYC-Nepal, together with GPA-Nepal and Pokhara sub-metropolitan authority, regard this issue as a concern to stimulate the public roles to promote sound environmental management and protection. Environmental damage already inflicted due to rapid growth towards urbanization and industrialization and of course, non-stop scientific and technological advancement. The call for public awareness and reach out participation of youth for bringing about an attitudinal change and finally restricting further damage to the environment
Youth Campaigns Plastic-free and Smoking-free Zone : A Youth Initiative Cooperation to Commemorate International Youth Day 2012
August 13,2012 --------------     Like other parts of the world, the International Youth Day was celebrated in Nepal on Sunday, 12th August in tribute for young people who act for peace, prosperity, and for progress. International Youth Day is commemorated every year and this year theme was “ Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth.” Together with different organizations various programs to recognize the efforts of youth, the voice of youth to be heard, and youth involvement in decision making process in building a better society was organized. Global Peace Youth Corps-Nepal (GPYC-Nepal) in association with Kwopa College, K&K International College, and Classic College International organized a plastic-free and smoking-free zone initiative. Hundreds of youth joined the signature campaign to show support to initiative of GPYC-Nepal which aims to regulate the use of plastic bags and ban the use of cigarette in
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Event Calendar

Web Design Course

Starting From: 26th November 2016 (११ मङ्सिर २०७३) Day: Every Saturday Charges: Free of cost Time: 11:00am - 2;00pm Venue: GPYC Nepal, Hattigauda, Kathmandu, Nepal We’re living in a digital age and technology is reinventing the world. Hence learning to code is one of the smartest moves one can make in the present world (no matter what is the age). There is no such requirement to be a software engineer or a person who have degree in computer science to understand programming language. Anybody can code whether he/she is a student, accountant, doctor, actor or any other person. Nepcodemy in association with GPYC Nepal is organizing free web design course every Saturday starting from 26th November 2016 (११ मङ्सिर २०७३), 11:00am – 2:00pm at Hattigauda, Kathmandu, Nepal. At the end of the course one will understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Wordpress and will create own website. The main purpose of course is to encourage the youth to design the website of their own and make them stand in the frontier of new digital world. Quoting Steve Jobs ”Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think”, we invite you to be part of our program for collaborative learning of programming skill.

Inter College Panel Discussion

Title : Identity based conflict  Date : June 10 , 2016  Venue : Thames College , Kathmandu '

Workshop on Play for Peace

Title : Play for Peace  Date : April 23 - 24,  2016 Venue : GPYC Hall #53 Hattigauda Kathmandu Nepal 

World Without Borders

Theme: Living Diversity Date: August 15          September 20          October 17           November 21           December 12 Venue : GPYC learning center                Hattigauda     

GPYC Youth Forum

 Title : GPYC Youth Forum Date : every wednesday Time : 1:00 pm Venue :GPYC-Nepal Hall , Bansbari Kathmandu                                                                                      

Manojigyasa Youth talk show Radio Program

  Manojigyassa    every Saturday   5:15  to  6:00 pm    90 MHZ Ujalo FM  

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