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Women awareness program consecutively organized in six municipalities
                     In developing nation like ours, women are generally treated as second-class citizens and seen as someone to look after the home and bear children. On the other hand, we believe that if women are empowered with information, skills, and opportunities to fulfill their potential, then we will have vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities. The awareness programs conducted in six municipalities of Goldhunga, Lubhu , Sanga  ,Pikhel Sisneri  , Phutung around Kathmandu valley during  the month of March as the period to celebrate womanhood addressing over 350 women have made a small attempt at not only enhancing women’s capacity but also  harness the power of children, youth, and people at large to combat illiteracy, ignorance, gender discrimination with an ultimate aim of developments and preventions. The awareness activities have also motivated and encouraged women to
International Volunteer Day 2015
   On Saturday December 5 2015, our volunteers celebrated International Volunteers Day. The program started at 11:00 am where all the youth volunteers from different backgrounds came and had sharing and interaction on how they started to volunteer and their work in contributing to socio-economic development activities. The goal of the event is to stimulate greater awareness of their contribution to socio-economic development and to motivate others to continue the same. The theme for this year “Make change happen, Volunteer,!  was given emphasized on every volunteers’ account to motivating others towards a better change . This year’s International volunteer day was especially important as it paid special praise to many volunteers working to implement the new Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations. From the testimony shared among the volunteers, Kripa Sigdel quoted that failure is a great teacher as she transformed
International Youth Exchange Urges Other Youth for Peace and Development
 On 3rd March 2015, the youth exchange participants from Nepal and India made their travel to their host country as the beginning of their posting period and as a start of a journey towards a memorable experiences. Nepalese participants reached India as Peace Advocates for “Youth for Peace” project and Indian participants came to Nepal. The program engages participants from both countries in a project that raises moral and innovative leaders by organizing activities focused on education , service and awareness on the theme of Good governance. Youth for Peace exchange program is a great opportunity for the youths of developing countries to enhance their leadership skills and spread the message of Good Governance, Peace and development. Being a part of this  exchange program , the participants had a chance to discover inherent qualities within them and explore different cultural setting.Youth for
Hundreds of Young People Stands against Gender-based Violence
  A crowd gathered at Basanthapur Durbar square on early Saturday morning , 20th September 2014 to raise voices against violence. A white-colored ribbon symbolizing support of awareness to end violence against women was pinned on every one’s shirt. At a time when large number of women not only in Nepal but all around the world are still facing many social and legal discriminations, all ignited the fire and come together to take the issue more seriously. As the group began to attract crowd of people, signature campaign started to move around the group in aim to support ending different kinds of suppression and discriminations. Chants of  “ Mahila Himsa Banda Garau  ,  Mahila lai Samman Garau “ ( Stop Women Violence , Respect women ) were heard along the streets from Basanthapur to Ganthanagar in a show of solidarity against violence
International Youth Day Puts Spotlight on Sustainable Peace and Development
    In celebration of International Youth Day, Global Peace Youth Corps –Nepal (GPYC-Nepal) organized two days youth empowerment seminar under the theme “Nurturing and Developing Moral and Innovative Young leaders for Prosperous Nepal” on August 11-12,2014 in Hattigauda,Kathmandu. Aiming at raising awareness about the crucial role young people play as partners of change and how they embrace the opportunity to shape the future of this planet, the event focus on youth empowerment. The program also featured youth awareness rally, interaction, presentation and documentaries. Supported by the US Embassy Kathmandu , the seminar discussed significant topics, including: International Youth Day : Learning is Achieving , Nurturing and Developing Moral and Innovative Young leaders for Prosperous Nepal , United Generation of Nepal for peace and development , core values for leadership development , Mental Health and Its Impact to Personality Development. Ms. Marissa Polnerow, Cultural Affairs
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Event Calendar

Web Design Course

Starting From: 26th November 2016 (११ मङ्सिर २०७३) Day: Every Saturday Charges: Free of cost Time: 11:00am - 2;00pm Venue: GPYC Nepal, Hattigauda, Kathmandu, Nepal We’re living in a digital age and technology is reinventing the world. Hence learning to code is one of the smartest moves one can make in the present world (no matter what is the age). There is no such requirement to be a software engineer or a person who have degree in computer science to understand programming language. Anybody can code whether he/she is a student, accountant, doctor, actor or any other person. Nepcodemy in association with GPYC Nepal is organizing free web design course every Saturday starting from 26th November 2016 (११ मङ्सिर २०७३), 11:00am – 2:00pm at Hattigauda, Kathmandu, Nepal. At the end of the course one will understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Wordpress and will create own website. The main purpose of course is to encourage the youth to design the website of their own and make them stand in the frontier of new digital world. Quoting Steve Jobs ”Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think”, we invite you to be part of our program for collaborative learning of programming skill.

Inter College Panel Discussion

Title : Identity based conflict  Date : June 10 , 2016  Venue : Thames College , Kathmandu '

Workshop on Play for Peace

Title : Play for Peace  Date : April 23 - 24,  2016 Venue : GPYC Hall #53 Hattigauda Kathmandu Nepal 

World Without Borders

Theme: Living Diversity Date: August 15          September 20          October 17           November 21           December 12 Venue : GPYC learning center                Hattigauda     

GPYC Youth Forum

 Title : GPYC Youth Forum Date : every wednesday Time : 1:00 pm Venue :GPYC-Nepal Hall , Bansbari Kathmandu                                                                                      

Manojigyasa Youth talk show Radio Program

  Manojigyassa    every Saturday   5:15  to  6:00 pm    90 MHZ Ujalo FM  

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