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Apr 17, 2016
LEADERSHIP - based on my experience in youth exchange program

If I have to give presentation about leadership , I will not give lectures or presentation because it will be useless. I believe that many people know what is ‘LEADERSHIP’ better than me. However , my experience from youth exchange program is all I can share to others , as I believe, it is worth listening.

                           ( This photo was during our campaign on                                                                                                                           peace and harmony ) 

Life is full of challenges and to overcome it we have to be more experienced. We need to learn from our own mistakes. I also made many mistakes and underestimated myself during this exchange period. My first mistake was underestimating myself. When I reached Norway I think I was the only person who was just 18 years old and I feared a lot during those times.

I thought I will never be able to do my best as I was less experienced among my group and among all the youth exchange participants. I somehow managed to deal with the problems in Norway but when I reached India then I was completely blank, as I don’t know how to speak in front of people and I was really nervous.

Having the look at the environment and the place to live, I completely lost the hope to do my task. During the preparatory seminar, we were alongside the more experienced and talented Indians participants and I felt like if I am going to speak something wrong then they will make the fun of us .That time I used to keep quiet and didn’t spoke as I used to.

(my participation in activity during youth camp) 

My hope degraded even more when I heard that Delhi is a tough place to work. They said that there might be times when we would not be able to get appointments in institutions and organizations , people are not so helpful, people will not listen to us , and so on......

I was not able to figure out whether it was true or not but in my mind I thought it was true. Even after the program I also felt that Delhi is tough place to work. I and my group had simple plans and not so attractive while speaking whereas our counterpart’s plans were something that was really good and was quite big plan.

Finally it was the time to execute our plans as we started our posting period.

 ( during our planning)   (in Taj Mahal)

Within the few weeks of stay I went to Noida to meet my friend. I thought I can cope up with the difficultyof finding her place and went alone. It was not easy but then I tried . I found the place and  visited her and returned back safely !

It shows that  if we want to settle quickly in new place we have to do it alone. Sometime so we will be able to do it in any situations. If we will be lost somewhere then we must be able to return back safely.
So after that visit to Noida I didn’t had much problem while travelling from one place to another. I felt much confortable and safe.

Everyone can learn from this because if we always rely to others every time then in the time of trouble we will face a lot of difficulties. A leader must be able to deal with the situations as this can be one important lessons for everyone.

( During my first visit at Delhi Gate ) 

After some weeks of stay we prepared our schedule for the work, we thought to start from small street programs and we were going well as we did signature campaign and awareness against human trafficking.
With the success of every program our hopes were further enhanced. We used to celebrate after the success of each program and it used to give us pleasure then. In life even if we have achieved small thing, we should celebrate it because there are few peoples who gets succeed in what they want and you should feel that I am one of those peoples.
Each and every success of the program gave us more needed confident and it also helped us to adjust as soon as possible in Delhi.

( our campaign against humand trafficking )                 ( our simple and special food , we love it ! ) 

We faced another challenge as we were not able to get appointment in school to organize a program. Every time we tried to convince them they used to have their own schedule and even the festivals were approaching near . 
However , we did our best and continue to do programs in line with our project . We then got a chance to go to Chandigarh for the Global Youth Peace Feast program by which we got to stay in touch with many different pople  which helped us further while doing our programs. The networking was good . We did volunteering overthere . 
Our day started by waking up people early in the morning because we had a site visit to village called Shangariwala Village, Mullanpur & Village, Khudda Ali Sher, Chandigarh.

While visiting villages I had a new experience of the culture.Life gives us challenge but if we dedicate ourselves in anything then we can get success in life.


Before 6 months or so, I was only a guy of high school. My field of study was different as I was management student. I didn’t expected that I will be successful in doing the social work kind of thing. I was just 18 years and 3 months old when I got selected for this youth exchange program.
I dared dreaming which seemed impossible!
I am proud of what I have done in this six months!
There are few peoples who can't do what I have achieved in this small age. It’s difficult to stay abroad without family. I missed everyone so much and despite being outside in this small age, I have kept faith in myself , my determination , my contribution towards the society , a contribution that I can give towards a good change  and I believe I have succeed in what I have done.



      I can say if I am what I am today then it’s surely by the help of this program. I have grown more and more and I have built more confidence to stay abroad and tackle with each and every problem that comes in my way. 

         ( We got a chance to celebrate the auspicious tihar festival with our new brother in Delhi )

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