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Jul 14, 2015
My memorable experience
 During posting period we have done different programs to aware, to educate and to serve. Our host country was India and we have spent our 2 months of our posting period over there doing different programs. It was a really exciting feeling to work on new place with new people. During our posting period we have done these  different programs on different place of New Delhi and Haryana.

Peace project was our first program in New Delhi. We did this program to know about people’s feeling. To understand after all what is peace the people that we are working for. And we organize a road program. We went to central market nearby our place Lajpatnagar. And then we started to collect people’s view. We approach them and ask “what is peace for you?” we got different – different answers but If we tally it and consider on it then we realize that the definition of peace is different for people as per their situation. We get chance to approach one normal autowala to foreigner to refugees to police man to shopkeeper and many more others. Peace for someone is to their kid’s future, for another person peace is survival, for one afgani man peace is going back to his own country. For one irani women peace is her memory that she has spent her life in iran. And for one little kid peace to see everyone happy. Here we understand that peace is not only about absence of war and violence and crimes. Actually peaceis love. Love for their kids, love for their country, love for everyone. After this program I realize that we only doing seminars, different programs and so many more things for peace but the reality is there is no such any way to bring peace it is all about our thoughts and our attitude. Until and unless we don’t change our mind we can’t bring peace in our life.

Activities to stop[ Gender violence is our second program that we have done at Rajiv chwok. This was quite difficult for us. We have written different quotations on placard about gender discrimination and al we have to do is held the placard and stand like a statue. And the most difficult thing that we have to beat is the hot weather. First thing Is we are totally new people and second thing is we are suffering from the hot weather. Though the weather is not on our favour we did it. We hold the card and stand there. We talk with lots of people passes by and this was our first program under the Awareness project. Although the program was only for half an hour here we suffer a lot.

Our third and most important program was volunteering that falls under the service activity. Rather it would be better if I address it as a success of our hard work. Once there was our presentation at GPF office and there are different renowned person including director of Tibet house, New delhi Ven. Ghese Dorjee Damdul. Being impressed by our presentation that day on the spot he gave four of us a chance to do volunteer on their seminar on “The Thoughts and Contributions of Mahatma Gandhi and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And he also offers us to participate on panel discussion at second day of seminar. So this was the great chance ever. Here we meet different renowned persons. One of them is prof. Mrs. Ritu Chaudhary from delhi university, she offers us to do one workshop on her college at Bawana. So this was another great chance for us. We work hard this program and we rewarded with certificates and books of Dalai Lama. And the most wonderful reward was those smiles that are for us with great compliments. So we are so satisfied with ourselves.

Next program we did was the thank you project. We gave “culture of appreciation” to this project. We made small colourful cards and we wrote thank you on that card with one big smile. And then we went to different places and distribute those cards to them, who are doing good deeds. We gave that card to a police man, to guard, to sweeper, to cleaner and many others. And also we gave the card to one organization named “leaders tomorrow” for doing awareness programs on the street. And this was another remarkable program of ours. And the best part of this program is we realize we actually did really good job. Just because of our small card people listen to us gave a sweet smile to us and keep that card on their pocket as a great gift. So I realize to bring smile on others and to being a reason for that smile is the greatest peace in this world.

Our next program was workshop on gender discrimination held at Aditi mahavidyalaya Bawana. This is the women college. We went there and we talk about gender discrimination. And interact with around 50 students over there. And the happiest moment was this was the first workshop ever held on that college. That’s why more students want to join this workshop but unfortunately they could not join cause of small space. We not only did the great job over there we also get the great feedbacks from them. Even the teacher was very much happy with us and also said that for the first time their girls are talking in front of mass about their feelings and thoughts. And so here we get success on another program. Every individual have their heroic stories, matter is just they need the platform where they can express.

For our service activity we went to Jamghat orphanage, where we meet 20 kids of different ages from 7 to 17.it was fun over there. We meet kids we did drawing competition there, we dance, we sing, we play games; actually we had lots of fun over there. And the most loving time was kids were asking us that “Nepal is our neighbour country right? How is your country?” and so many questions about Nepal. They are so happy with us and they want us to be there every year. And one of them invited us there on her birthday. Really it was wonderful to spend time with kids. But at the same time I was thinking about life without family. It’s hard to live without mom and dad even for me, then that kids are really young n they are living this life. Though the life is beautiful but still they have to say sir instead of da and ma’am instead of mom. And even we can see those delightful eyes and the smile full of life. This meeting refreshed me.

Our last and most hard program in NewDelhi was workshop at OP Jindal College, Haryana. It was the time all four of us in grief of our country. Our country was destroyed by the massive earthquake on 25th April. And our program was on 27th April. Our mind was really blank and heart was in Nepal. We were only thinking about Nepal. We all are brake up into pieces because of the earthquake. And despite of all the pain and sorrows we worked for the workshop. We did two minutes silent ceremony in the name of victims of earthquake and we start our workshop. Well were talking about peace and development in Asia keeping all the pain inside us. That was the hardest moment in India. And the good news is we did another successful program. Everyone over there was really happy with our work. We really want to serve here in Nepal for our people. They were in pain. They were in trouble. And our volunteerism is necessary in Nepal. 

After earthquake everything was messed up. We are not able to do any further programs. Well except that quake pain our stay in India was fruitful for us to develop our personality and broaden our knowledge. New place, new people and new culture are always good to add up on life experience. We learn to accept the rejection, we learn to adjust and we learn to tolerate and smile back. Those entire struggles made us more strong and positive toward our lives. So many times may be more than our programs we rejected from lots of places with our ideas. But we never gave up. We fall, we get back up and we moved on. This posting period taught us that life is all about learning. Learn wherever you go, learn whatever you do and learn as much as u can. Play not to win but to learn. Because your learning  can lead your lots of other winning stories.


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